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At First Presbyterian, we’ve realized that things change and oh do they change quickly! We have worked hard to adapt to the ongoing demands of those who want to worship and either aren’t able to make it due to sickness, lack of childcare, or a busy schedule. We live stream on Facebook and, of course, upload our sermons and services to YouTube. We’re human and if a message resonates deeply with you, we have these placed here online so that you can go back and reabsorb all that you heard, or, even attend on your own time. These are especially important to those who may have submitted a prayer request with us. We pray over your requests when we receive them and if you are unable to attend in person to hear it, we know this is an important moment you may not have wanted to miss out on. Catch up, watch when and what you can, and look forward to upcoming sermons all right here. We hope to see you soon!

Inside the First Presbyterian Church during Sunday service in Cuero, Texas
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First Presbyterian Church of Cuero | Reverend Stan's Sermon 9/11/22

Check out Rev. Stan Larson’s sermon Sunday 9/11/22. He gives a message on Luke 15. This passage tells 3 parables that show how deep and vast God’s love is. It is God who brings us into fellowship with him and with one another.