Community Outreach with First Presbyterian

First Presbyterian holds a quarterly Community Breakfast where we invite everyone in the community to attend and bring their best dish. We believe this helps to facilitate fellowship and get to know those around us; we are closer than you may think! First Presbyterian also holds a Church With No Walls service, hosted in partnership with other churches in the area. This service is held at our outdoor chapel and is an extremely enjoyable event.

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First Presbyterian realizes the community around us is growing, and so naturally, the needs of our members and even non-members will grow as well. They say the more, the merrier and we believe this! This belief and attitude has allowed us to set aside a budget for youth camps and conferences, maintain Sunday school activities, and even host Vacation Bible School. If there are activities you’d like to see at the church or even take part in, we are open to growing and serving needs as they arise. Here, we look forward to sharing the word of God and we aim to always love one another. With each other, we can do anything. We hope you are able to join! Please let us know how we can help.

Community Outreach LearnMore

    Community Outreach LearnMore