Camps & Conferences at First Presbyterian

Fellowship with God and others happens all over, even at Summer Camps and Conferences hosted by First Presbyterian. We firmly believe that all students and youth of the church, whether they are members or not, should have access to fellowship and growth opportunities. Though it’s common for activities like camps and conferences to be held during the summer, they are often held throughout the year. We ask that all youth submit applications by the respective deadlines. We do allow for multiple children on the same application so that siblings are considered as well!

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These outings and events are a great way for children to capitalize on the opportunity of travel, fellowship, learning the word of God, what it means to support a team, be responsible, and experience life outside of their own. There is a budgeted amount of dollars to help offset costs so we invite anyone to apply, whether you’re a member of the church or not.  It’s important you find the opportunity to know God. Camps and conferences are a great way to start!

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    Camps Conferences LearnMore